We are comprehensively insured up to £5 million public liability and £10 million employers liability

NPTC, Lantra and Diploma Qualified

All our employees have the required safety equipment and training, a first aider is on site at all times




Where tree removal is required in problematical spaces (which may be close to buildings, over obstacles, heavily populated areas and/or in confined spaces), the only way is to dismantle the tree in sections rather than simply felling it.


Using lowering ropes, devices and machinery where necessary, we can tackle trees in difficult locations safely and effectively.


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A fallen or damaged tree can represent a serious safety hazard. With today's peculiar weather conditions such situations are unfortunately becoming more and more common. In such instances we can be available to safely and efficiently remove unsafe branches and hazardous trees.


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Sometimes there is no other option but to fell a tree this may be due to rot, decay, disease or storm damage. Felling work is always undertaken in a safe and efficient manner. To avoid any incorrect or illegal felling concerning Tree Preservation Orders or trees within conservation areas, where needed, relevant searches are made with Council Planning offices.


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We are able to carry out all sorts of woodland maintenance work such as felling, coppicing, planting, timber extraction, the building and maintaining of ditches and woodland drainage systems. We can create management plans and offer general advice.



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Reduce a tree's crown while still maintaining its natural shape. Crown reduction pruning is most often used when a tree has grown too large for its permitted space. This method, sometimes called "Drop Crotch Pruning", is preferred to pollarding because it results in a more natural appearance, increases the time before pruning is needed again and minimizes stress on the tree.


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Pollarding. Is a traditional method of heavy pruning that keeps trees considerably smaller than they would naturally grow. Only some species are suitable for pollarding, for example Poplar, Willow Lime, Elm and London Plane. It is often carried out on trees with limited space, to develop large crowns. On average, trees that have been pollarded should be re-pollarded around every 4-5 years. If they have been previously pollarded and then left, they can become hazardous due to the weakly attached branches becoming larger, heavier and more prone to snapping off in high winds.



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Crown lifting is the selective removal of the lower branches of a tree's crown to increase the distance between the base of the canopy and ground level. This type of pruning should, if possible be carried out before a tree reaches maturity in order to avoid large wounds.



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Involves the selective removal of internal branches evenly throughout the tree to reduce the density of the crown, whilst at the same time not reducing the overall size or shape of the tree. Crown thinning is designed to reduce damage that could result from the crown's resistance to strong winds. Crown thinning may be carried out to allow more air and light into and through the canopy.

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The removal of trees/shrubs and or stumps on sites for new developments or to reclaim over grown land is another service we provide.


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During normal tree felling or dismantling, the main stump of the tree will be left in the ground and cut off as close to soil level as possible without further digging. Through our stump grinding and removal services we remove/grind out the stump so that paths and drives can be resurfaced and gardens replanted and re-turfed.



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Having suitable trees planted is an easy and effective way to enhance your property, provide shade in Summer, increase privacy and wind protection in Winter. Tree planting services are designed to ensure that trees are correctly planted and proper growth conditions are established.



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Hedges should be trimmed regularly to stimulate new growth and to keep them tidy. Aesthetically pleasing hedges can add value to your property, provide privacy, wind protection, host birds and other beneficial garden insects.



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We pride ourselves in always ensuring we leave a clean and tidy site. Some clients require that we sort the debris for firewood – leaving manageable lengths for their own use, or even cut and split into logs. However, most customers prefer us to remove all debris.





Ensures growth is controlled, dead and diseased wood is removed, and stimulates the formation of flowers and fruit buds. Our fruit tree pruning services are delivered to optimise fruit productivity and ensure the tree's longevity. Good pruning also prevents later injury from weak crotches that break under fruit load.


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